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Affordable wind turbines U.S.-made, certified wind turbines delivers a smart, reliable and affordable energy solution for homes and businesses

About the affordable wind turbines vawt

Capturing Clean, Affordable Wind Energy with Power

affordable wind turbines vawt™ was developed for both residential use and utility scale projects including entire communities, neighborhoods or agricultural groups coming together on a project basis to generate power. The rooftop or pole mounted affordable wind turbines vawt™ is an affordable, quiet and powerful, bird safe, scalable wind turbine system.

Scalability: You can start with one affordable wind turbines vawt turbine and add more turbines per pole, and more poles as your power needs grow- without the cost, time or materials waste of major construction. We call multiple affordable wind turbines vawt configurations Wind-Orchards. Locally, the benefits would be the capability to easily generate power and have off-grid emergency power for any neighborhood.

Because of the unique wind turbulence smoothing capability of the blades, the affordable wind turbines vawt is an ‘urban tolerant’ wind turbine.
Affordable wind turbines blade design withstands very high winds  with no need to brake or stop the wind turbine blades thus generating more power even  in high winds up to hurricnae force , unlike other wind turbines that have to be shut down.The affordable wind turbines blade design starts up at about 3 mph wind very low and or turbulant winds , thus making our wind turbine the best on the market , and with the increase of more effective function in all types of wind coulpled with a very competive price , the affordable wind turbines wind turbine pays for itself in 2 years or less when grid tied.

affordable wind turbines vawt can be retrofit to any utility pole, unused utility poles, or retrofit to other wind turbine poles.

Availability is critical to our business model. Once in production we will have the capability to manufacture several thousand turbines a month from one manufacturing operation. Future goals include expanding manufacturing of the affordable wind turbines vawt worldwide, especially in areas of critical need of economic development and energy.
affordable wind turbines vawt Company Mission
The affordable wind turbines vawt Philosophy
The affordable wind turbines vawt Promise
The affordable wind turbines vawt, Features:

Captures a higher amount of potential wind energy per diameter of swept area
Operates at slower RPM with higher load-to-torque conversion for harnessing a broader range of wind velocities.
Made of durable, ultra-light materials which have established outdoor lifespans in excess of 25 years.
Silent operation with little or no vibrations.
Shape is easily visible and non-Lethal to birds.
Higher aesthetic design value for public areas.
Lightweight materials that lower shipping costs substantially.
  Self-Directing Blade design that allows energy production in turbulent wind conditions.
  Easy installation that requires no significant changes to existing support structures.
  Easily Affordable

Home Wind Turbine

Affordable Wind Turbines has developed the high-performance VAWT Home Wind Turbine to deliver you serious power at a substantial savings. You get online system monitoring, best-in-class safety, and the flexibility to expand your clean energy system in the future. Affordable Wind Turbines is dedicated to designing clean energy technology that makes financial sense for any household, school, business, or farm with a good wind resource.

Owner Benefits

There’s just something satisfying about making your own electricity from a fresh breeze. Cut your electric bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and make a bold statement about energy independence with Affordable Wind Turbines’s VAWT wind turbine. Affordable Wind Turbines makes the decision to invest in leading clean energy technology easy. The VAWT delivers many benefits:

  Lower cost, faster payback. Affordable Wind Turbines gives you more kilowatt-hours for your buck.
  Affordable Wind Turbines exclusive safety system. Like an airbag for your wind turbine, Affordable Wind Turbines’s safety system gives your family an added sense of security when severe weather strikes.
  Easily monitor performance. Watch your system perform from anywhere in the world through your personal monitoring dashboard.
  Add solar. Affordable Wind Turbines lets you easily combine your wind energy system with solar, thanks to the  DC affordable wind turbines .

Installer Benefits

affordable wind turbines vawt wind turbine is designed with the system integrator in mind. We make it easier to choose wind energy, both for you and for your customers. We know how frustrating it can be to make expensive service calls on unreliable equipment, and we’ve spent years testing our turbine technology so you don’t have to. Affordable Wind Turbines system benefits include:

  More options. Some customers like the dynamic statement of a wind turbine, some like the understated look of solar, and some want the best of both worlds. Now you can offer them options, thanks to Affordable Wind Turbines
  Easy to install. Affordable Wind Turbines’s flexible tower top interface adapts to a variety of towers.
  Easy to wire. Exclusive slip ring design lets you wire before or after installing the turbine!
  Easy to service. Affordable Wind Turbines inverter is located at ground level, so it’s easier to figure out what’s going on.
  Ships by UPS. Affordable Wind Turbines compact system saves you time and money in shipping.

Affordable Wind Turbines affordable wind turbines Technology

affordable wind turbines ™ is a revolutionary new way to connect electronic products – an “energy operating system” that enables smart buildings to make our lives more secure and our energy cleaner and more affordable. affordable wind turbines  uses advanced power electronics to transmit both power and information on the same wires, helping our buildings produce, store, and manage power more efficiently. affordable wind turbines  technology is at the heart of all of  Affordable Wind Turbines Energy’s products.

Self-generation of clean power by consumers is transforming the global energy landscape, but the power grid is far from ready. Consider three surprising electricity facts:

  Electricity customers in Hawaii could save over 70% by using solar panels – but the utility won’t allow it, because the grid is bottlenecked.
  Many commercial building owners pay double for electricity from ‘demand charges’ – but they can’t avoid them without compromising their operations.
  A rooftop PV system is a great way to cut energy costs, but it’s worthless when the grid goes down – even when the sun is shining!

The grid is broken, and power customers are paying the price. In each case the solution is the same: smart affordable wind turbines  technology that gives customers options, security, and savings.
Benefits for Homeowners: Savings and Security

 Affordable Wind Turbines Energy’s affordable wind turbines  helps homeowners enjoy secure power and cost savings. affordable wind turbines  is built to help homeowners generate their own clean power, which is now the most affordable energy source in many places. But conventional renewable energy systems won’t keep your home powered during a blackout or grid failure. affordable wind turbines  is designed to incorporate battery storage, so your lights stay on and your furnace keeps running without the noise and hassle of a backup generator. And if your lifestyle takes you beyond the grid, affordable wind turbines  enables wind and solar power systems that provide balanced power day or night, all year around.
Benefits for Commercial Buildings: Scalable Secure Power

Secure power isn’t optional in today’s competitive business environment, where a few lost days can mean the difference between profit and peril. affordable wind turbines  enables smarter buildings that generate their own power, store and deliver energy to avoid demand charges and ride through blackouts, and prioritize power to your most critical functions.  Affordable Wind Turbines Energy partners with leading solution providers to offer scalable building energy systems that deliver savings and security.
Why is affordable wind turbines  better?
Designed for affordable wind turbines s

affordable wind turbines  is designed to turn grid-dependent buildings into affordable wind turbines s – energy networks that combine energy sources, storage, and loads to allow operation independent of the grid. The affordable wind turbines  affordable wind turbines  was designed to plug-and-play, making it easy to combine different sources to build secure, efficient, cost-effective energy systems for homes and businesses. Because our buildings will increasingly produce as well as consume energy (the “Prosumer” model), affordable wind turbines  is built on bi-directional power electronics that can buy, sell, or store power efficiently.
Smarter Wires and the Internet of Things

 Affordable Wind Turbines affordable wind turbines,affordable wind turbines approach delivers both energy and system information over the same wires, making every product on the network a smart node in the ‘Internet of Things.’ Abundance of power is signaled by the voltage of the affordable wind turbines, making it simple to deliver powerful capabilities, like heating water when energy is plentiful, and selling power when prices are highest. affordable wind turbines also uses Power-line Carrier communication (PLC) to share information – more reliably than wireless in tough, noisy environments.
Direct Current

The electrical grid we use today was designed in 1890 – one hundred years before the digital revolution – and hasn’t changed much since then. It makes and uses Alternating Current (AC), but almost every modern appliance and computer needs Direct Current (DC) to run, and today’s new clean power systems (like solar, wind, fuel cells, and electric vehicles) produce DC as well. AC adapters and converters waste valuable power, clutter our desks, and make it hard to build smarter electric grids.  Affordable Wind Turbines Energy asked, “what would electricity distribution look like if it were designed for today’s energy sources and loads?”
Less Energy Loss

affordable wind turbines sets a new standard for safe, efficient power distribution with a 380 volt DC bus. This means energy losses are 2.5 to 10X lower compared to old-fashioned AC wiring, and wiring costs can be lower. Converting power from clean energy sources to a affordable wind turbines affordable wind turbines is significantly more efficient than converting to the AC grid, and less loss means more value to the building owner.
Less Expensive

affordable wind turbines saves capital cost by eliminating multiple AC/DC conversions, and by reducing the amount of expensive copper wire needed to transmit power.

 Affordable wind turbines Built for Clean Power, Energy Storage, and EVs

Buying an electric vehicle is a great way to promote energy independence and greener transportation, especially if you produce your own clean electrons with wind or solar. Solar produces DC electricity, and EV’s run on DC, but multiple AC/DC conversions waste money and power. affordable wind turbines significantly cuts energy losses, so customers can go farther on their own clean power.

Affordable Wind Turbines Energy is excited to work with businesses, homeowners, product designers, and researchers who share our vision for a safer, cleaner world. More information about the affordable wind turbines technology is available on the products website.

Affordable Wind Turbines  wind turbine generators made entirely in the USA. Our wind turbine generators are built entirely within the USA and are value priced so that anyone can afford to explore wind turbine generated power.

We use the latest polymer materials and CNC equipment to manufacture state of the art inexpensive wind turbines.

How HAWTs work and why they are not good for your home.

HAWT Wind turbine components

Wind turbine components : 1-Foundation, 2-Connection to the electric grid, 3-Tower, 4-Access ladder, 5-Wind orientation control (Yaw control), 6-Nacelle, 7-Generator, 8-Anemometer, 9-Electric or Mechanical Brake, 10-Gearbox, 11-Rotor blade, 12-Blade pitch control, 13-Rotor hub.

Modern wind turbines generate electricity when the wind causes a rotor to spin. The overwhelming majority are HAWTs with three blades.

HAWTs consist of three major parts, the tower, the rotor, and the nacelle. “Horizontal axis” means that the rotor spins around an axis that is parallel to the ground and therefore perpendicular to its tower. Nacelle is the name for the generator, related machinery, and their protective cover. “Related machinery” covers an array of complicated equipment.

  • In most HAWTs, the rotor must face into the wind. So the nacelle needs a wind vane to determine wind direction, an anemometer to determine its speed and a yaw drive, pitch drive, and their motors to adjust the position of the rotor.
  • The rotor spins too slowly to generate electricity. It must attach to a gear box that increases the rotational speed from about 30-60 revolutions per minute (rpm) to about 1,000-1,800 rpm.
  • Wind turbines work effectively and safely within a range of wind speeds. The anemometer transmits wind speed data to a controller within the nacelle that starts the machine when wind speed passes the minimum threshold and applies the brake to stop it when wind speed exceeds about 55 miles per hour.
  • All these components require a multitude of computer hardware and software to make them work together.

wind turbines for homes
wind turbines for homes

Affordable Wind Turbines Sells The Lowest Cost Vertical Axis Wind Turbines In the Industry And They are made in the USA.