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Affordable Wind Turbines Affordable Wind Turbines | Residential and Commercial Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Wind Power Calculator

Wind Turbine Power Sizing Calculator

Wind Turbine Power Calculator

See if Wind Power is Right for You - Get an estimated analysis of various wind turbine yearly outputs, tax incentives, installed costs and payback periods.

1. Determine Your Available Wind Speed

Note: Some states not listed due to insufficient or negligible wind data.

>> Enter Your Potential Wind Speed and Format:
mph    m/s

2. Provide Information About Your Power Needs

Review your electrical utility bills for last years total KWH (kilowatt hours) used, or multiply your monthly average by 12 to get a close estimate.

>> I use KWH per year.

Provide your current cost per KWH. To factor in various rates, taxes and fees, divide the monthly total amount due by the amount of kwh's used.

>> I pay an average of $0. per KWH.

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