Affordable Wind Turbines Wind Power Calculator
Affordable Wind Turbines Affordable Wind Turbines

Wind Power Calculator

Wind Turbine Power Sizing Calculator

Wind Turbine Power Calculator

See if Wind Power is Right for You - Get an estimated analysis of various wind turbine yearly outputs, tax incentives, installed costs and payback periods.

1. Determine Your Available Wind Speed

Note: Some states not listed due to insufficient or negligible wind data.

>> Enter Your Potential Wind Speed and Format:
mph    m/s

2. Provide Information About Your Power Needs

Review your electrical utility bills for last years total KWH (kilowatt hours) used, or multiply your monthly average by 12 to get a close estimate.

>> I use KWH per year.

Provide your current cost per KWH. To factor in various rates, taxes and fees, divide the monthly total amount due by the amount of kwh's used.

>> I pay an average of $0. per KWH.

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