Portable Micro Wind Turbine Charges Devices

Affordable Wind Turbines

Affordable Wind Turbines

Portable Micro Wind Turbine Charges Devices

The micro Turbine is a micro sized vertical axis wind turbine that recharges your devices and batteries and it can be taken anywhere.

How It Works

The vertical turbine, that we created, is a small scale wind turbine designed specifically for these applications. Our wind turbine “Blades” catches the air using three fins to spin the turbine and create power using an internal generator.

There is a removable battery stick with USB & Mini-USB hookups that easily attaches by sliding it into the turbine pole. Your devices can be charged straight from the turbine, or you can charge the internal battery and power your devices on the go.

Our wind turbines easily assemble, can be set up in under 2 minutes, and can generate power on the smallest of breezes 24 hours a day. For safety, our fins are made of flexible plastic that won’t injure someone not looking as they walk by. The guy cords lash the wind turbine down in the event that you encounter dangerously high winds (this keeps your wind turbine from “flying” away).

The Tornado Turbine is a portable vertical axis wend turbine, a pole base plate ensures the poles do not work themselves into the ground, there are three interlocking poles, for use as a collapsible tower, three adjustable guy cords hold the unit securely in place with tent stakes, that are driven into the ground. The portable wind turbine can be use at the beach, camping, at home, parks, picnics, events and gatherings or virtually anywhere .

The wind Turbine Generator is a dual phase ac permanent magnet generator. The wind turbine generator uses a high quality perm-magnet design to offer the most power output possible even at low rpm’s specificity for vertical axis wind turbine applications. The ac voltage perm-magnet design ensures high output even at long transmission distances. The ac voltage generator output is then rectified and regulated to suit a wide variety of needs. The High Quality generator uses long life, quality, sealed ball bearings. The Wind Turbine Generator is zero maintenance meaning, you’ll have years of trouble free use.The generator is expected to last 20 years of use, before then needing possible bearing replacement.

This is about the ABS Wind Turbine Rotor. It has good impact strength, formability, stiffness, excellent aesthetic qualities, and toughness. The ABS used to make our wind turbine rotors is an extremely Durable versatile thermoplastic. It has good chemical and stress-cracking resistance. It also combines toughness with rigidity and creep resistance. The strength of ABS surpass other plastics. The ABS Turbine Rotors are thermoformed and lends itself to remarkable reproduction of mold detail. The max working temp is 185 deg F Black is UV resistant and uv stabilized, while, white is not uv stabilized.

The wind turbine rotor shaft is made from high strength materials and fully welded.

The wind turbine generator mounting base plate is made from high strength materials and is fully welded.


Mirco wind turbine portable charges devices from affordable wind turbines
portable mico wind turbine charges devices
Mirco wind turbine portable charges devices from affordable wind turbines
Portable micro wind turbine charges devices

Portable wind turbine testing at the beach in conditions other more expensive wind turbines would Fail ! Watch the video to see how well it performs! video below

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