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Kohler Generators for off-grid and battery backup applications

Kohler Generators for off-grid and battery backup applications

Generators can be an essential part of any solar system, especially for homeowners wanting to go off-grid. Kohler generators are a great compliment to battery-based inverter systems; effectively charging battery banks when renewable energy sources can't keep up with the demand. Installers and homeowners can program these generators to charge battery banks if the voltage drops below any set input, yielding higher life cycles and allowing full potential of their batteries.


Whether it's a severe storm or utility failure, KOHLER generators keep your home or business comfortable, safe and secure. And when you're out camping or tailgating, reliable power is just as important. With Kohler, you'll find power options for every need. Choose from a portable generator or a portable generator combined with a manual transfer switch or an automatic standby generator. The best part - KOHLER generators and power equipment are priced to fit your budget.


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