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Hybrid Wind And Solar Streetlight

wind and solar hybris streetlamp
hybid wind and solar streetlight

Wind And Solar led Street lamp
Benefits / Features .

This innovative hybrid wind
and solar powered street lamp
is just such a
solution , not only does it use
renewable energy to provide
light, it’s a
stylish update to an everyday
object that is capable of
operating completely
The hybrid street lamps
consist of a solar array
topped with a wind turbine,
and they are capable of
generating up to 500 Watts of
These solar/wind powered
street lamps are mounted to
a standard galvanized steel
pole that can be made locally
and easily swapped with
older street lamps.
As designers strive to create a
more sustainable future, we’re
thrilled to see designs that
integrate a variety of
renewable energy
technologies into objects we
encounter in everyday life.
Sleek Solar and Wind Powered
Hybrid Street Lamps Helical
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and
Solar Powered Lamp looks
The street lamp is capable of
producing up to 500 W of power
if the sun was shining and the
500 watt turbine in the wind ,
when blowing,
The street lamps save excess
energy generated in a battery
that powers their high
efficiency LEDs through the
Since every location and
project is different, component-
focused approach to the street
lamps’ design – the LED lights,
solar panels, wind turbine,
tower height, and battery
storage are all easily scaled to
best fit a particular project .
Sleek Solar and Wind Powered
Hybrid Street Lamps .
Helical Vertical Axis Wind
Turbine and Solar Powered
Sustainable Design
Innovation, Eco Architecture,
Green Building , Safety.
Helical wind turbine rotor
offers high and low wind
performance no other turbine
can offer.
High quality p.v solar array
offers best performance and
longevity for years.
Long life sealed power storage
batteries offer safety
maintenance free operation for
Galvanized Light pole is
designed for long service life
and cost effective placement.
Street lamp is designed to
withstand 100+ Mph Winds.
High Quality Led Lamps Offer
Low Maintenance while
Providing High Quality
Lighting , thus providing
reliable safety and appealing
ascetics to the area where
units are installed.
The Street Lamps also have an
expected working life of 35
years ,
Under normal operating
Best Of All the street lamps are
designed and made in the