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Recognizing the serious environmental and health threats from fossil-fueled power plants, and acknowledging the possibility of an apocalyptic disaster at any nuclear power plant, the American public, finally, has begun exploring the feasibility and practicality of drawing electric power from the wind and is now ready to buy a wind turbine.

Rural America has relied on wind power for decades. Even after the government completed rural electrification in 1964, far-flung communities continued generating much of their own power from hybrid diesel/wind systems. And the windmill remains a fixture on most American farms-not because it represents a cute and quaint testimonial to times past, but because it makes perfect economic sense. Many large farms...

Puerto Rico lost electricity again on April 18, seven months after Hurricane Maria first knocked out the island’s power grid. For people in some remote rural areas, the blackout was more of the same. Their power had yet to be restored.

The dangerous fragility of Puerto Rico’s energy systems has put other Caribbean countries on high alert. Across the region, electric grids are dated, ailing and overburdened — making it easy work for a powerful passing storm.

Caribbean nations also rely heavily on oil and diesel imports to fuel their power plants — a dirty and expensive way to produce energy. So even before the 2017 hurricane season, Caribbean governments were trying to in...


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