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2 Kilowatt Vertical Axis Wind Turbine 4 Rotor Blades

2 kilowatt vertical axis wind turbine
2 kw vawt affordable wind turbines

The 2 kilowatt 4 rotor blade vertical axis wind turbine is great for, Entry level grid tie , emergency battery back up , off grid battery charging, radio towers and charging small computer equipment. and residential renewable systems,or commercial renewable systems or were space and functionality near wind obstructions is a must . the generators output ac voltage which is easily rectified for dc charging voltage . The 2 kilowatt unit offers high reliability and unsurpassed stability in high winds allow it to function in all wind speeds ,The unit boasts 4 fiber glass rotor blades available in any color. this is what you need for great output power in low wind speeds.,the unit comes with a monopole tower standard 10 feet in height and 20 foot tower options are available , the 3 kilowatt unit also comes with a hinged base so erecting the wind turbine is easy and a crane is not needed , the wind turbine has everything for the installation included. Thus making installation for the do it yourself person easy, the 2 kilowatt wind turbine is available in 12 volt 24 volt 36 volt or 48 volt power output versions. And best of all the vertical axis wind turbines built by affordable wind turbines are ascetically appealing , bird friendly , quiet renewable energy and of course the wind turbine is built in the united states is competitively priced with inferior china wind turbines on the market. This commercial grade quality turbine kit is used On-Grid to reduce how much electrical power you need to buy from the power company , it also can be used for off-grid or battery charging . Proudly Made In The U.S.A

about 2 kilowatt vertical axis wind turbie from affordable wind turbines
about 2 kw vawt
about 2 kilowatt vertical axis wind turbine 2
about 2 kw wind turbine 2